PCAC Arts in the Schools Grant Program

PCAC has grant money available for Pleasanton  Schools

The Arts in the Schools Grant Program is funded by PCAC through membership dues and donations. The grant program provides understanding, appreciation and instruction for  the visual arts and is available to all nine of the Pleasanton Elementary Schools, in addition to select high school programs.  Since there is no longer sufficient district funding for fine arts education at the elementary level, our goal is to ensure that artistic experiences and arts education are offered to our children of all backgrounds at a time when their creativity is just beginning to develop. CLICK HERE for highlights from recent Arts in the Schools Grants Program events.

Programs are arranged or developed by individual schools, by teachers, by parents or parent groups, or by site councils. Programs can reach several grade levels or an entire student body; they can also be for an individual class.

It’s never too early to encourage creativity and enjoy art. That’s why PCAC was so excited to give a grant to Donlon’s First Grade class for an amazing art show that included student renderings of artists such as Matisse, Seurat, Van Gogh, O’Keefe, and C.M. Russell.

The grant from PCAC helped pay for the display racks and frames and the amazing works of art were sold later that night to all the art lovers. CLICK HERE for more photos from recent Arts in the Schools Grants Program events.

CLICK HERE for more photos from recent
Arts in the Schools Grants Program events.

PCAC finances its Arts in the Schools Grant Program through grant writing and through corporate, organizational and individual donations, and allocations from PCAC fundraising events. Some of those resources have been the Alameda County Supervisors’ ARTSFUND, City of Pleasanton, Pleasanton Art League, and Livermore Rotary.

Note:  2015-2016 & 2016-2017 Grants

For these two years, grants are offered only in a block:  $12,000 for  the school year ending in 2016, and $7,000 for the year ending in  2017.  These grants are distributed to the nine primary schools equally for the purpose of supporting the visual arts.  Monies may be used for supplies, and/or instruction in visual arts.

Program evaluations, along with photographs and comments from the teachers, parents or staff in attendance complete the grant cycle. We also enjoy hearing what the children have to say about the program.  All follow-up evaluations and photos must be received by PCAC no later than the closing date of the current school year. Failure to meet this deadline will prevent eligibility for future grant awards.

How to Apply for an Arts in the Schools Grant

We have a simple, one-page GRANT APPLICATION FORM that is submitted to request funds. The form must be filled out completely and submitted to PCAC by email only. Applications will be accepted by email through You’ll receive an emailed confirmation of receipt within three days.

CLICK HERE to download the grant application form.

Email the application to:


If you have questions, please contact the Arts in the Schools Coordinator: 

David Wright at