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Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to PCAC

PCAC welcomes your donations. Your donations will help keep the Arts alive in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley area. All donations are tax-deductible charitable donations.

For your convenience you can donate online and save a stamp by using PayPal, or… you can send a check to the address below.

The PayPal option is easiest and it connects directly to Paypal’s secure site (always make sure it is secure with https://).  At PayPal, you can either pay using your Paypal account – if you have one, or, if you do not have a PayPal account, then you can use a Credit Card or ATM/Debit card.  If you are donating for a specific program, please mention that in the Note field on the Paypal site.

Important: If you use a credit card or ATM/Debit card, there is no need to create a PayPal account at the end of the transaction, even if Paypal has that option.

When you choose to donate online:

  • If your browser is Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad) or Firefox you enter the amount on the screen right after you click the Paypal button.  Click after the $0.00, enter your donation amount and fill in the detail
  • If your browser is Chrome (Mac, Windows, or Android) there is a Continue link after the paragraph Don’t Have a Paypal account?

Important: If you do not wish to donate online, please send your check to the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council at: PO Box 1298, Pleasanton, CA, 94566, and make your instructions clear with a note on the check.